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Anger Issues

"I was a bit sceptical when I first started looking into hypnotherapy, however, I had tried many other options including counselling, psychologists and psychiatrists, all to no avail. I contacted Evonne and asked many questions as I needed to make sure this was a viable option and right for me.

This was one of the best decisions of my life. She is caring and understanding and truly wanted the results that I wanted. She explained what was involved, how it worked, and made me feel completely comfortable with this new venture. I went with an open mind, wanting to change my life so I wasn't constantly angry anymore, so I could deal with my past and pave a new way forward that was positive and change the way people saw me. In my mind, it was a big ask, but I was hoping for at least something to change. And it did.

I found that I had transformed. I was more relaxed and felt different in positive ways. My thought processes changed for the better. I was not an angry, grumpy person anymore. My voice became quieter and I became the calm, less stressed person I had always wanted to be. My childhood experiences no longer dominate my thoughts, and if I do think about them, I see them as in the past. My children and wife have seen the changes; we are a happier family.

I cannot thank Evonne enough. Her skills and experience changed my life and the lives of those around me. She was not driven by trying to get as many sessions out of me as she could; she was committed to achieving my goals and worked with me to reach these goals. I wish I had been to see her years ago. I cannot recommend Evonne highly enough. She changed my life for the better."
Paul, Ferny Hills, 2016


Fear of Flying

"I just wanted to let you know that I have arrived in Canberra safely. I was so much more relaxed over the flight and as soon as my stomach started to sink I used my anchor and breathing technique with great effect! It was actually one of the most turbulent flights I have been on and we also had two attempts at landing. If I had been my old self, that would have sent me into panic, but I remained calm and positive! I am so proud of the progress I made and I just wanted to say thank you!"
Adele, 2014


Vomiting Whenever Flying

"The three flights all went fantastic! I was not ill on any of them and I even was able to get up and go to the bathroom in the last trip. From Brisbane to Melbourne I had a sick bag with me for my own peace of mind and I didn't even have to open it! I am so happy… thank you so much for your help."
Niki, Sept 2014


Needle Phobia

"I had a MASSIVE needle phobia when I came to see you and I promised I would email you if I got up the courage to go for a needle. I am proud to report that on Wednesday I had to go to the doctor and have a blood test. I told her I had a needle phobia and she was very understanding. She told me I could come back another day or I could have it that day and she would be very gentle and do everything to make the experience as pleasant as possible.
I decided to give it a go. I pictured my "place" and tried to take myself out of the situation. But the best part was that I did the part that I REALLY wanted to do… I lay there myself and I put my arm out and I did not pull it away. I just let the doctor do what she needed to do… and I did it! I am not scared anymore. I am so thankful to you for our sessions. You are so brilliant… I truly don't think I would have been able to do this if I had not come to see you. Thank you again, Evonne!"


Quit Smoking

"Well just over 7 months now and still no smoking… and I have since also lost 14kgs. Not smoking has had a tumble effect to the rest of my life - I can now run 5kms non-stop, and now training for 10kms. I have stopped coughing at night and my wee lungs have a new lease of life. I have given your number to (name) who is a heavy smoker. I hope you can help him like you did me."


Quit Smoking

"Just wanted to let you know that one week in I am doing fine, much better than I expected. I have not been tempted to smoke, although I've had plenty of triggers to want to do so. I don't have a revulsion of smoking as such, I just don't seem to have a need to give in to the triggers, and when I feel any weakness I do deep breathing, which beats them. Thank you for your help!"
Tony, Dec 2015


Quit Smoking

"An update on myself, I am still a non-smoker and I am feeling great and positive about being a non-smoker and it is a good feeling to say that I am a non-smoker. I would like to thank you for your help that you have given our family on our way to a healthier life."


Public Speaking

"The best man speech went really well. I wasn't very nervous, only a little bit, but it didn't bother me. The sickening nervous build-up I had experienced in the past definitely wasn't there… my voice and hands didn't shake. Apparently I was very clear - even right to the back of the room, and didn't talk down into my beard. I also got a couple of good laughs…Thanks very much for your help. Before I saw you I was really hoping I would break both legs on the day and I wouldn't have to do it… I just didn't want to live with that fear anymore, it feels debilitating, it's not healthy and it's completely counterproductive. It would have been a very long, difficult and draining few weeks leading up to it and a horrible day if I hadn't had your help. Instead I actually got to enjoy it! Thanks again."


Public Speaking

"Great news regarding my public speaking phobia… I've had 3 stand up meetings now and I can feel myself getting more and more confident with each one. I'm purposely putting myself into a situation where I don't speak first and I'm out of my comfort area, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the results I'm seeing so far. I've been noticeably more comfortable speaking and especially just before I speak I'm definitely more at ease. Thank you so much for all your help. I will forever be grateful."


Public Speaking

"I recently had to deliver a potential career changing presentation to a large audience. Over the years when I've had to present, nerves would kick in initially but I couldn't afford for that to happen this time. We identified previous negative experiences as the cause and worked on replacing those thoughts with the positive and how we would like it to be. My two sessions with Evonne helped considerably and I'm pleased that as a result, I got the outcome I was seeking. I was a lot more relaxed as a result of my sessions (and plenty of rehearsals) and I believe it was the best presentation I've ever made."


Social Anxiety

"I would like to express my gratitude for the time and gift that you have to help change and educate people's lives for the better. Throughout my life I have struggled with self-confidence, self-love and a fear of social anxiety in public settings, to the point where I would self-sabotage my ability to achieve a healthy and enjoyable life.

Through your understanding, compassion and gift of hypnosis I am now on my way to a healthier, productive and enjoyable life. I apply the techniques that you have shown me. I have become more in tune with myself and each day as I work on myself I see, I feel, I hear and experience the little gems happening in my day to day life. Your time and gift in helping me and others is a Priceless Gem to all!!"



"Hi Evonne. I saw you for 2 hypnosis for fertility sessions in August after years of difficulties. I just wanted to let you know that I am now 13.5 weeks pregnant with twins! What I found most helpful during our sessions was the undoing of beliefs around my body not being able to conceive and 'work' the way it was meant to - I have not needed any supportive hormones since my pregnancy test at 4 weeks - my body has done everything it was meant to on its own. I listened to the recording of our last session every second day leading up to treatment and during the 2 week wait - this kept my mindset in a positive mode and helped me to stay focused on an optimistic outcome. So thanks for your help :)"



"Due to a medically diagnosed condition, we were told that we would never be able to fall pregnant without the assistance of IVF. After 3 failed IVF attempts, we decided to take a break and seek out natural therapies to rebuild our bodies and, hopefully, feel 'normal', happy and healthy again. To release the stress, we decided to give hypnotherapy a go. We both had one session each with Evonne, after which we felt very relaxed and calm. We planned to return for more sessions, but two weeks later, much to our delight, we were pregnant.

We thought the hypnosis was so helpful, that we decided to do Evonne's HypnoBirthing course to birth our baby in the most natural and gentle way possible. We would definitely recommend Evonne and her services to anyone wanting to fall pregnant, and also recommend her HypnoBirthing classes to help your birth be the most comfortable and enjoyable experience possible."
Office Assistant, Laidley


Fear of Doctors

"I had a real fear of doctors and used to put off most medical tests. I persisted with a painful knee for almost 2 years because I couldn't face having the MRI and other tests that were required. I wouldn't even monitor my own blood pressure at home like my doctor requested me to. After one session with Evonne, I felt wonderfully relaxed and went straight home to take my blood pressure. I also booked myself in for the necessary MRI and other tests my doctor wanted me to take. My knee surgery was a success, and I have no problems going to the doctors at all now."
Support Worker, Kenmore


Performance Goals

"Thank you for a fantastic session - you are a pro. Exciting news - I went to a full-on cardio class this morning of body attack. I did the entire class bar one track! I am really thrilled with my efforts and so grateful to you - you were the person I needed to help me do it. Also, I've had no chocolate since I saw you - and since I have 6 bags of Freddos in my house, this is a great achievement for me!!"
Managing Director, Chapel Hill


Food Addictions (Coke and Chips)

"I had a stressful week last week, so it was a real test to see if it worked, and I am pleased to say that I had no coke or BBQ Samboy chips. Didn't even feel like it, so whatever you did worked. Thank you so much.

Just an update. Last night we had our family birthday dinners, 3 birthdays in the one week. I decided I would try a coke. Didn't really feel like it but thought I would give it a go. Well.... It had no flavour at all. I tried 3 sips of it and ended up giving it to my daughter. The taste was like really watered down cola cordial. Not nice at all. Also I have not had any BBQ Samboy chips. I don't have the urge to eat them at all.

Success..... Thank you."

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